Filter is characterized by hydrophilic PTFE membrane & PFA components to meet critical filtration requirement in extremely aggressive environment at high temperature & high pressure. This filter is designed for filtration of aggressive acids,bases&oraganic compound. It also does not require pre-wetting.

Sealing technology Thermal Bonding, No Adhesives , binders, or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process. Filter cartridges are 100% Integrity tested prior to release ensures consistent performance to specification. Advanced Pleat Technology construction allows maximum fluid and contaminant access to filter surface area for highest throughput. The all-polypropylene construction provides excellent thermal and chemical compatibility with low and high pH chemicals

Features and Benefits-

• Excellent chemical compatibility

• High temperature & high pressure capabilities

• High throughputs and superior flow rates with low pressure drops

• Consistent and higher reproducible particulate removal efficiency

• Manufactured in clean room environment

• Long steaming life and long service Benefits and cost-effective

• 100% integrity testable prior to release

• Low extractable


Materials of Construction

• Membrane: Hydrophobic PTFE

• Membrane Supports: PFA

• Cage, Core, End Caps: PFA

• O-Rings: Silicone, EPDM, Viton, FEP encapsulated Silicon Etc.


• Diameter Φ68

• Length 5 inch, 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch,40 inch

Operating Conditions

Maximum Forward Differential Pressure:

• 4bar @ 50°C

• 3 bar @ 110°C

• 1.7 bar @ 170°C

Filtration Area, ft²

• 7 ft² per 10-inch cartridge

Application –

• Highly corrosive acids such as Hydrofluoric acid,Nitric Acid and Sulphuric Acid etc.

• High Temperature Chemical Liquid (>100°C)

• Aggressive Solvents such as Chloroform,TwoMwthyl,Isopropyl Alcohol

• Aggressive Bases

• Oxidizing Air/Gas

• Organic solvent filtration

• Filtration for harsh chemicals and HPLC mobile phases that destroy other membrane materials

• Filtration for strongly corrosive or oxidizing solutions